10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Headphones

10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Headphones

Dec 19 , 2017

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If you are interested or thinking about buying a brand new headphone then you need to consider many things. Almost all headphones use a 3.5mm jack. There are different formats like OMTP and CTIA. Even there are new types of headphones like type C headphone and lightning headphone. Therefore, it is not an easy to process to find a right headphone, if you are new or unknown to this audio world. In this article, we will mention top 10 things to consider buying a headphone.

1.- Purpose of use

This is a very important thing if you are not sure, what kind of headphone to buy. First, check for your purpose like whether you want it for just normal music, movie watching or for watching videos, just for audio calls etc. you need to know about it. If you want it for just for high-quality music then you need a high-end headphone with excellent specs. If you want it for exercise, you need wireless headphones. Understand your need before buying it.

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2.- Type of headphones

Next comes type of headphone. Whether it has a jack, which is compatible with your device. Now, we have type C and 3.5mm standard headphones. It that you have two other options OMTP or CTIA headphone. These are two categories with different jack connections points. So check your device and its specifications. If you want it for your computer then consider split headphone with two 3.5mm jacks for audio and mic lines.

3.- Type of ear adjustments

There are different types of headphones with ear configuration. You can have in-ear headphones, over the ear, behind the neck, over the head and the around the year headphone. Generally, companies offer clips, headphone tips and connectors for your headphones. They are in three different sizes S, M and L. In-ear, headphones are for better reception of sound but they might be problematic to your ears. Over the head and over the ear headphones are generally large. So select the headphone suite your need and try them before buying.

4.- Wired or wireless

There are two types when it comes to the connection. You can use the wired earphones, which connects to your computer’s jack or phone jack. Wireless headphone uses the Bluetooth technology to connect your headphone to your device. A different version of the Bluetooth technology like Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth 4.1 and Bluetooth 4.2. The better version has better output. These are best while riding, exercise or running. You can even have two different earpieces or single earpiece. If you need it for simple use then it is better to go for wired headphones. 

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6.- Noise-canceling or noise isolation

This is one of the features you can have it in the budget to high-end headphones. If you want this feature, then go for a headphone with this technology. The purpose of this technology is to reduce outer sounds and inner vibrations, which causes noise in the output. The most recent technology is CSR 6.0. Because of this, you can hear crystal clear vocals and music. Therefore, only better headphones have this feature. This will also help in having excellent music experience. Mainly Bluetooth headphone needs this for better sound.

7.- Impedance or the inline resistance

Every headphone has an impedance in it. It is to keep your headphones output with better level sound. Impedance changes the level with respect to the amplification factor. If the headphone has low amplification factor then you need low impedance driver inside the headphone. The impedance can vary from 8 ohms to 32 ohms. With better impedance and better amplification factor, you will end with the high-quality output. Even high-end DJ headphone has 75 ohms plus impedance. So select at least a 32-ohm impedance headphone.

7.- Frequency response and simple harmonic distortion

This is very simple if your headphone has better frequency response and harmonic distortion. Then you will have better output just because your headphone can handle different kinds of or range of frequencies. Generally, it varies from 20 Hz to 20 KHz. This is the range of sound waves or speech. With the SHM, the vibrations will be good enough and balanced to get better output. Try to buy a headphone with the harmonic distortion within one percent. Because of this, you will not hear sounds with hissing or drumming effect.

8.- Headphone driver unit

The driver unit is a combination of a diaphragm, voice coils, and a magnet. These will convert all the electric energy into streams of vibrations. These vibrations are then you hear them as sound. These sounds depend on this driver. With better driver then you will have excellent output. Some of the headphones have dual drivers. There are many drivers out there. Select the headphone with the High fidelity drivers.

9.- Sensitivity and channel output

Sensitivity means how quickly the headphone detects the variation of the incoming signal and delivers high-level output. Sensitivity should be balanced else, the output will not be good. Low sensitivity means you will not able to listen to very sensitive tones and vocals. With better channel, the line control will be good.

10.- Budget to specs ratio

This is also an important factor. Check and compare budget to specification offered by the headphone. Depending on this ration, then you can get yourself a better headphone.


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