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BM-800 Condenser Sound Recording Microphone with Plastic Shock Mount - Your best recording partner!

Recording gear in the age of the home studio has become more affordable than ever. But with this affordability, it’s become nearly impossible to navigate the endless labyrinth of options. Without being an expert, picking out the right microphone can eat up your entire afternoon. Hopefully, this review can make that aggravating process a little easier.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and versatile microphone with a wide range of applications, look no further. Priced as low as $16, the BM-800 is about the greatest value one can find for a decent condenser mic. As a condenser mic, you’ll find that the BM-800 can capture more detail and room ambiance at lower volumes than any dynamic mic. With that in mind, the BM-800 would be a solid choice for recording acoustic instruments, vocal performances, and even podcasts. If you’re trying to run your own professional studio, you’ll probably want to keep saving up. But for the average musician, video blogger, or podcaster this mic will definitely get the job done.

BM-800 Build & Features

bm-800 white studio condenser mic

For a low-budget microphone, the BM-800 is built surprisingly well. It’s got a Zinc alloy housing and a gold-plated Steel mesh net to provide sturdy protection for its diaphragm and internal components. Unless you’re actually trying to damage it, it’s going to hold up well through regular wear and tear. It also comes with a solid shock-proof mount to keep the mic secure and unwanted rattling to a minimum. Since it’s a uni-directional condenser you’ll have to remember to keep the side marked “BM-800” facing your desired audio source. Another great feature is its removable foam cap to help shield the mic from wind interference, noisy air conditioning, and spit from those extra impassioned performances. Having purchased quite a few microphones, I’m impressed they’ve included this invaluable feature—most manufacturers don’t.

Most important of all, be aware this is a Phantom Powered microphone. While some versions of this mic require batteries to function, this version needs phantom power. The BM-800 is sold under several brand names. Depending on the brand you choose, you can get a battery powered model or a phantom powered model. To avoid potential confusion, be sure to pay close attention to the specifications while shopping.

blue bm-800 condenser mic on shock mount

That being said, the phantom-powered model is going to yield better sound quality and more reliable functionality. Condenser microphones are desirable because they have a wide dynamic range and wide frequency response capable of picking up crisp details. In part, this is because condenser microphones are phantom powered. Powered by 48 volts, many phantom powered microphones are simply more powerful than passive dynamic microphones. Naturally, a mic powered by 48v is going to be more powerful than one powered by a 9v battery, many AA batteries, or a  5v USB charger. Thus, you can be assured that the BM-800 will be a considerable upgrade from the vast majority of USB and battery powered microphones.

With your BM-800 you’ll also receive a female XLR to 3.5mm stereo cable. To ensure optimum performance, be sure that your mixer, audio interface, or computer are able to provide enough power to the microphone via the 3.5mm connection. When using laptops and desktops, some users have reported low volume recordings. However, I’ve also seen users sufficiently power the microphone with the provided cable using phantom power as low as 14v.

Bm-800 studio condensor mic with xlr


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